Services that we provide

General Veterinary advice

If your pet requires a veterinary advice you can contact us using a video call or by phone to discuss your pet’s health issue.

nutrition advice

Specific tailor-made nutrition advice for your pet’s needs


Your personal vet will work with your pet to maintain a healthy weight.

skin health advice

Skin problems are one of the most common in animals. Our vet will provide excellent advice how to keep your pet’s skin healthy.

Anxiety MANAGEMENT and advice

Advice how to mange your pet’s anxiety.

managing ongoing condition

Your personal vet will work with your pet’s long term and chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroid, cushings, renal issue and arthritis.


Elimination diet trial for allergic pets.

Older pets

Help to maintain the quality of life in older pets.

When you are confused 

Confused about your pet’s diagnosis? We can help!*

When you Need help

Need help to make a decision about your pet’s health? We are here to help!

eye condition

Advice about complicated eye issues from a veterinary Ophthalmologist

dental advice

General dental advice and maintaining healthy teeth

Preventive care

Flea and worming advice

Choosing the Right Pet For You

 When you are not sure which pet is perfect for you, we will give you advice based on your expectations, lifestyle and preference.  

We might request your pet’s clinical history, tests and images from your vet in order to have a full picture so we can discuss your case.

What we dont offer

  • We do not provide any advice or treatment of emergency cases. If you think your pet has a medical emergency please call your veterinary practice ASAP.*
  • We are unable to provide a diagnosis as we are unable to examine your pet. All consults are advice only.
  • We can not prescribe any medication.
  • Your pet is still under the care of your Veterinary practice.

* If your pet is showing any of these potentially life-threatening symptoms below please contact your vet ASAP

Open wound or significant bleeding

Breathing difficulties


Collapse or trauma 

Male cats struggling to pass urine or faeces

Swallowing foreign bodies such as bone/cloths/toys

Unable to give birth

Eating toxic/harmful substances

Rabbits not eating 

Severe vomiting or diarrhoea

Swollen abdomen or retching (especially large dogs)

Eye problems

Loss of thirst & appetite