£ 1,095

Comprehensive 12-Month Ophthalmology Course

Will cover a wide range of topics. Every month we will discuss 2 topics during live webinars; there will be 2 specific dates per month, one for each topic.

The secret of success

At the end of each month the vets will be able to join additional live webinar in case they missed that month’s webinar or would like a recap.

The webinars will take place in the evening and will last between 1 to 1 1 /2 hours. You will be able to access the recordings of the webinars on my website.

Webinar topics

  • 1. How to perform an ophthalmology examination
  • 2. Non-healing corneal ulcer in dogs
  • 3. canine Glaucoma
  • 4. Canine Uveitis
  • 5. Prolapsed Nictitans Gland
  • 6. KCS management
  • 7. Eyelid mass
  • 8. Canine Distichiasis, Trichiasis, Ectopic cilia
  • 9. Eyelid Abnormalities
  • 10. Chronic epiphora
  • 11. Stromal or Deep Corneal Ulcers in Dogs
  • 12. Chronic Superficial Keratitis (Pannus) in Dogs
  • 13. Feline Eosinophilic Keratoconjunctivitis
  • 14. Chronic Feline Keratitis
  • 15. Feline uveitis
  • 16. Feline Glaucoma
  • 17. Lens luxation
  • 18. Cataract
  • 19. Rabbit dacryocystitis
  • 20. Retinal detachment
  • 21. Exophthalmia
  • 22. Horner’s syndrome

The Speakers

Dr. Tamir Spiegel is an esteemed veterinary surgeon with impressive credentials. He possesses a BVMS degree from the prestigious University of Glasgow, showcasing his extensive knowledge and training in veterinary medicine. In addition, Dr. Spiegel holds a certificate in ophthalmology from the National Veterinary School in France, further demonstrating his expertise in this field.

Tamir is a highly accomplished veterinary surgeon with over 22 years of experience in the field. He has worked in various veterinary practices, gaining valuable expertise along the way. In 2011, he achieved his National French Certificate in Ophthalmology, further enhancing his skills and knowledge in that particular area of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Spiegel’s extensive clinical and medical knowledge has led him to establish his own pet referral service called Vision Vet.

Frequently asked questions

Who is it for?

This course is designed for veterinarians of all levels, including veterinary students and those studying for a certificate. It aims to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for their professional development in the field.

What is the number of CPD hours?

It is 22 hours of webinar content.

What is the venue?

The event is a live webinar, and you will be able to view the recorded lecture afterward.

How much it costs?

The complete webinar is priced at £1095 excluding VAT, with occasional promotions offering discounts.