Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Giulia Baldoni MRCVS

About me

My name is Giulia (pronounced Julia) Baldoni and I am a Veterinary Surgeon.

I graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 2013 from the University of Bologna in Italy. After working for a couple of years in Italy I then moved to the UK in 2016. I have never stopped since then and I will be celebrating my 10th anniversary working as a Vet this year, which is really exciting!

I`m interested in all aspects of Veterinary Medicine and I would describe myself as a well rounded GP Vet.

I am really excited to be here and be able to help you from the comfort of your homes!

In my free time I like travelling, walking in the countryside, gardening and baking Italian cakes.


 I would describe myself as a well rounded GP Vet